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Everything is in ~/org

·1 min
The more notes I put into Org-roam, the more I want to put there.

Hiding File Permissions in Dired

·1 min
Dired mode in Emacs is fantastic, but one little thing that annoyed me was that the directory listings show file ownership and permissions, taking up space with information I almost never care about.

C-x C-c

·2 mins

I rage-quit Emacs this morning. By that, I don’t mean that I hit C-x C-c really hard, although I did do that. I mean I stopped using Emacs.

Aligning comments in Emacs

·2 mins
I want my per-line code comments to line up nicely, so I’ll often add a bunch of spaces by hand to make things just so.


Doom Emacs from scratch

·2 mins
A week ago I decided to cancel Doom Emacs and go back to building Emacs from Scratch, and once again I was reminded what a terrible idea that is.