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From workbench to writing desk

·1 min
I put together a workbench in my basement office that was supposed to house all of the cool “maker” projects I was planning.

A Broader Scope

·1 min has alternated between being a general purpose blog and being a photography-only blog.

A reason to post?

·1 min
I keep this blog around so that I have somewhere to post images and maybe a little background as well as the ever-popular gearhead nonsense.

From Rolls 2021-030,031 (Leica MP)

·1 min
Steve and Chuck The dogs were very popular, especially Chuck, the puppy Maybe too creepery, but I thought it was a beautiful and powerful configuration.

In a rut

·1 min
Dogs, myself, and cameras are about the only things I’ve been photographing lately.

A few 4×5 self-portraits

·1 min
I had the house to myself today, so I set up a backdrop and pulled out the strobes for a few large format film self-portraits using the Linhof.

The "charm" of vintage lenses

·2 mins
My Leica Elmar 9cm collapsible lens was made in 1957, making it nearly 70 years old, and it shows.

Old film challenge: Use it.

·2 mins
I was surprised to find that I had 55 rolls of various 35mm and 23 rolls of 120 negative film stocks just wasting away in my fridge.

Photo processing workflow updates

·3 mins
Take a look at this list from my notes about how I manage my photos: 2019-01-01 I’ve decided I’ll be using Lightroom CC.

Large Format: Challenges

·1 min
There are too many things that can go wrong when shooting large format (4×5) film.

Which Leica gear to keep?

·3 mins
After a year of buying really nice cameras and lenses, I’ve gotten to a point where I’m feeling the weight of having so much money tied up on photography gear.

Film Fridge Status

·1 min
I’m either going to have to shoot this faster or stop drinking Diet Coke.

From Roll 2021-011

·1 min
These are all taken with the Leica M3 on HP5+ and were processed in HC-110 Dilution B.

Ron, France (1963)

·1 min
My dad (right) stands in front of bar while in the Navy.

Thomas Paine on simplicity

·1 min
The more simple any thing is, the less liable it is to be disordered; and the easier repaired when disordered Thomas Paine I would be wise to keep this in mind.

reMarkable is sleeping

·2 mins
I’ve been using the reMarkable 2 tablet for almost three months now.

Tools and Toys

·4 mins
…skip any definitive conclusions, as we know you might change those at any time.

HEY or Fastmail? The Answer.

·2 mins
TL;DR: I’m sticking with HEY for my email, but there’s a surprise twist: I’m also sticking with Fastmail.

Hey for Domains? Maybe.

·3 mins
(Updated with notes about the custom domain discount) Other than having a couple of nits to pick, I really like using HEY!

My Holy Grail Pen and Paper – CJ Chilvers

·1 min
Writers spend way too much time and money seeking out their “grail” pen and paper combo — the tools that will make their work so much “smoother.

A few from Roll-004

·1 min
I haven’t been using film much this year, but once in a while it’s fun to get out and shoot a roll.

My blog's overwrought theme

·2 mins
Everything in my life has become overwrought, overthought, overdone, and needs to be unwound.

Back to Fastmail?

·2 mins
My first annual subscription to Basecamp’s HEY email service is about to expire, meaning it’s time to decide whether I will be renewing.

Renting eBooks

·2 mins
None of the old books on my Kindle mean anything to me.

The Minolta Autocord

·1 min
I’ve had this Minolta Autocord for so long I don’t remember where I got it.