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I almost sold the M10-R

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Sometimes I notice the Leica M10-R sitting forlornly on my desk and I’m reminded that I don’t deserve it. A camera like that should be used, and used a lot. Mine mostly sits around waiting for me to take another selfie or photo of my dog. That’s a lot of money tied up in what most people do (and often better) with their phones.

I’m a rangefinder guy at heart. I’ve shot with one almost continually since 2003. The Leica M, whether film or digital, is IMO the pinnacle of camera design and construction. But…I often just want to have a camera with me for simple grab shots. You know, the one-handed snapshot of a friend at dinner. Or a macro of my dog’s toes. The M is not the camera for those. Not in my hands, anyway. So I long for auto-focus, and EVF, maybe even IBIS.

I thought the answer to this was to replace the M10-R with a Q2. I’ve had several Qs and they are fantastic, so I listed the M10-R and waited. I got a couple of the usual lowball offers. A few people sent questions. Then, one gentlemen wanted to work out a trade for his like-new Q2. That’s when I panicked.

I’ve been down this road before…twice. I sell an M and, after a short honeymoon with whatever replaced it, I miss it and want it back, so I sell something else and buy another.

So, I withdrew the listing. The fun part was that I’d boxed the camera up for sale and so it was like buying it again for the first time. Mmmm.

Boxed and ready to re-open
Ahh that’s better

Remember: Never sell a Leica M or its lenses, because selling cameras is usually a mistake.

UPDATE (July 17, 2022): I’ve relisted the camera on