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Thursday, December 01, 2022

·1 min

👋 Hello, and welcome to December!

I had my first real AI moment this morning.

It’s nice to see Kottke is back.

Speaking of wild new software capabilities, just enabled live Zoom transcriptions:

Now you can search across any words spoken during Zoom meetings. It also works in realtime: if you get called on and want to reference what was just being said, just rewind to see the transcript.

There are times I grow weary of using Emacs (and any plain text) and start looking at prettier, pointy-clickier alternatives. This is dumb, because Emacs and Org-mode are so completely flexible and powerful that everything else pales in comparison. The novelty soon wears off and I’m back home in Emacs.

I’m giving up on scanning film with a digital camera. That process is even more annoying than using a clunky flatbed and the awful SilverFast. Last thing I want is to dick around with RAW files from my film negatives or be forced to use Lightroom because Negative Lab Pro is the only decent option for conversion. Not dealing with all that is half the reason for shooting film in the first place. Trading my Lumix S5 for a V800.