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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

·1 min

The Tinderbox blog over at is better at these journal entries than Hugo is, so I’m feeling the urge to bail on them here. Again. Maybe not just yet, though.

Do you ever tire of things breaking for no obvious reason and then having to debug them for hours? I do. It’s always something. Yesterday Emacs gave me grief for a couple hours. Then about half of the sounds on my phone stopped working. Then I couldn’t mount my Time Machine drive. Then I couldn’t move emails using Mu4e. Then then then. I think I’ll go back to a pencil and paper.

I’m feeling rather pointy-clicky today. I want to just lean back, grab the mouse, move things around and maybe type a few words while I’m at it.

Can you imagine how good I’d be at the old things if I would stop constantly moving to the new things?

Linux is much better for doing things to a computer than it is for doing things with a computer.

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