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Tuesday, October 04, 2022

·1 min

I got my invitation to Tana yesterday. At first blush it feels like a combination of Roam and Tinderbox and TiddlyWiki. Not sure yet if it’s too Notion-like. I dislike Notion so that would be bad. I’m going to give it a spin for a while and see. One thing for sure, like every other app, I am always thinking that I already have almost everything Tana offers right in Emacs.

I’m working at my old office today. It’s weird, but fun. Nice to be somewhere besides my basement for a change.

Ever since smartphones got “good enough,” they’ve created tension in my life. All too often, they’ve been “the camera I’ve had with me.” And that’s been to the detriment of my photography, because photographs happen to you when you’re out and about with a camera, and, contrary to the common truism, the best camera is not the one you have with you. In fact, it’s a very common mistake, and occasionally a tragedy, to have nothing but the wrong camera with you. What you really need to have with you is the right camera, the camera the occasional good pictures should have been taken with.

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