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Saturday, October 01, 2022

·2 mins

Well, it’s October now, I guess. Each new month begins with promise and another empty page. I get to choose how to fill the pages. Recently, it feels like too many of them remain empty. I need to fix that.

The Paper vs Digital debate continues apace. One nice thing about notes on paper is that I’m not tempted, nor do I feel obligated, to share them. On the other hand, what if I do want to share them?

Scrintal home page

Scrintal opened up their waitlist for anyone willing to pay an introductory annual subscription fee, so I jumped on it. Then after 10 minutes I realized I have no need for yet another note-taking app so I wrote them asking for a refund. It looks like a fine tool, but I need to pass.

I should probably lead with this, but after a month of testing this blog at I am bringing it back home to Hugo on my VPS. Maybe I’ll write up some details later.

…these two attributes combined to create something very special in PHP: support for the “hackish state”, an environment optimal for casual tinkering with server-side scripting — without having to bring out a whole framework and take the time to set it up. If you had an idea for some kind of dynamic, server-side behaviour, you could probably have it prototyped in PHP in 15 minutes. It might be crude, but it would be real.

The Demise of the Mildly Dynamic Website

I’m willing to bet that if I took up PHP again and just ran with a bunch inline MySQL queries and CSS and a lot of copy and paste, I could outrun all y’all.

More like “Read Never” amirite?