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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

·1 min

I switched back to the HHKB this morning because I prefer it by a wide margin to any other keyboard I’ve tried.

After more than a year with the Pilot Custom 823 fountain pen, I can say that I have no need for other pens. The only time I choose a different pen is when I’m bored and feel like using something different. It lasts a day or so and I’m back to using the Pilot. It’s possible that I’ll never buy another fountain pen.

I’ve also switched back to a ruled notebook. Dot grid pages feel like the worst of both worlds.

Alright, I’m no longer distinguishing between journal and blog posts on the home page here. The latest 10 entries will show up, regardless of type. I should probably force today’s journal page to the top, but until that becomes a problem in real life I’m going to leave it alone.

Wrote a post about instant cameras: Instant Cameras