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Sunday, August 21, 2022

·1 min

TextExpander is borked on my MBP, so I’m using Espanso again. Using TextExpander has started feeling kind of gross lately anyway.

“Don’t get into this binary thing where you’re looking at Fox or CNN. Read the other side. Some of your fellow citizens have good reasons to believe something different than you do. I try to think sometimes about where are they right? Not are they wrong. You’ll become a better thinker.”

Jaime Dimon, CEO Morgan Chase

A famous artist saying “The tools don’t matter” is like when a rich person says “Money isn’t important”.

What would happen if I simply used everything as-is? What if I didn’t tweak or customize or otherwise try and wrangle software to my very specific whims? I bet life would get easier and I’d be overall more productive. But, would I be happier? Dunno.