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Monday, August 15, 2022

·2 mins

I spent many hours yesterday getting my Emacs configuration running (based on Crafted Emacs) so that I could continue using Notmuch for managing email. It worked well enough, until I got up this morning and suddenly mbsync fails with some generic SASL error. I tried editing .mbsyncrc but for some reason everything in my dotfiles has changed permissions to 644 and I’m no longer owner. JFC.

And now, org-return-follows-link doesn’t work. And the list of recent files is showing a bunch of files I don’t remember opening recently, and none of the ones I do. I’m still sick, so I shouldn’t be making decisions right now, but my whole Emacs-based setup can fuck right off today.

The word “dappled” is a signal that you’re trying too hard to Write™.

It feels like I could just sit here all day and type “Nuh Uh!” to everything I read. I’m sick of everybody, so I should go relax and read some poetry. I’ve had the Mitchell translation of Rilke for a couple of months. Maybe I’ll start that.

Sometimes I forget that BBEdit can do anything.

Can you imagine how good I’d be at stuff if I’d stick with said stuff for more than a day at a time? I had to look up how to insert a Markdown link in BBEdit. I first hit C-c C-l because Emacs. Then I hit CMD-k because everything else. Nothing happened, of course, so I had to create a “Clipping” for it, which works fine, and I can assign any key I want as a trigger (e.g. CMD-k). It sucks that one, I didn’t already have a clipping for that, and two, that I had to look up how to make one.

You know what else I tend to forget? BBEdit never ever crashes or otherwise misbehaves and it’s never lost a single word of text in the 25+ years I’ve been using it.

Emacs and I have mostly settled our differences today. That was close.