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Thursday, August 11, 2022

·1 min

I wonder how long I’ll have the energy and time to do this every day. Oh, I don’t know, it’s been like 20 years already, so.

We sure spend a lot of time on fancy tooling and frameworks for what boils down to the same simple CRUD apps we’ve been building for 30 years.

I have seven years of entries in my file. I suppose that means it works for me, but it could also just be inertia.

It’s just that sometimes I tire of staring at (mostly) monospaced text in Emacs. Sometimes I don’t find it fun to have to figure out why some minor behavior isn’t working the same as it was last week. Taking notes shouldn’t be a technical challenge. I don’t always want to M-x my way through life. And yet, nothing else comes close.