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Monday, August 08, 2022

·1 min

I was looking for something that I would have written while using org-roam so I re-enabled org-roam in my config and went looking. I was sidetracked immediately because the org-roam results buffer was showing links in their raw form and it was distracting. After an hour of digging, testing other versions, etc, I found this comment which pointed to a fix (e.g. (setq org-fold-core-style “overlays”), added in org 9.6). Happy to have that fixed, but the adventure reinforced that I’m probably better off staying in Denote for my notes.

I described the new Elvis biopic as “Everything Elvis All at Once”. It was too much of everything and not enough content. Someone said it was more like a 2-hour movie trailer and I think that nails it.