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Sunday, August 07, 2022

·2 mins

Every page in my notebook offers such potential.

I find that many of my favourite lyrics are those that I do not fully understand. They seem to exist in a world of their own – in a place of potentiality, adjacent to meaning. The words feel authentic or true, but remain mysterious, as if a greater truth lies just beyond our understanding. I see this, not just within a song, but within life itself, where awe and wonder live in the tension between what we understand and what we do not understand.

Nick Cave - The Red Hand Files - Issue #202

I feel this way about photographs.

Years ago I paid $500 for a “lifetime” subscription to Roon and I couldn’t be happier. Around that time I also paid $500 for the “True Believer” 5-year subscription to Roam and I wish I hadn’t.

I went back to reprocess a Canon RAW file from 2014. I opened the file in Capture One and hit “Auto” and it looked beautiful, rich, and correct. I did the same in Lightroom Classic and it looked boring and pale. I know that I can always get nearly the same output in both apps if I work hard enough, but getting results I like immediately out of C1 is a feature hard to ignore.

I’ve replaced Cusdis comments here with a simple email link. Emails are forever and it removes the performative nature of public comments.

They: “So, tell me about your photographic work.”
Me: “Oh, it’s mostly just test images after getting new camera gear.”

So, I’m basically now using Capture One for digital photos and Lightroom Classic/Photoshop for film. Sigh.