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Sunday, July 31, 2022

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Paul Ford, genius or madman?:

A big problem I had was where to put my stuff. I tried different databases, folder structures, private websites, cloud drives, and desktop search tools. The key, finally, was to turn nearly everything in my life into emails. All my calendar entries, essay drafts, tweets—I wrote programs that turned them into gigs and gigs of emails. Emails are horrible, messy, swollen, decrepit forms of data, but they are understood by everything everywhere. You can lard them with attachments. You can tag them. You can add any amount of metadata to them and synchronize them with servers. They suck, but they work. No higher praise.

I Finally Reached Computing Nirvana. What Was It All For?, Paul Ford

…also, I feel seen…

You’d think there’d be at least five new me’s by now, given how often I’ve vowed to become better. But no. I’ve been writing about configuring my text editor since 1996


Sonofa: Meet the bright web – beam