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Friday, July 29, 2022

·1 min

Rather than using Org-mode and ox-hugo to generate today’s journal, I used Hugo’s built-in command, so… hugo new /2022/2022-07-29-Friday/ …and here we are. I don’t know whether I’ll continue to do this, but I do like that there’s one fewer layer between what I’m typing and what shows up on the blog. I love writing Org-mode files using Emacs, but sometimes it’s fun to use whichever Markdown editor I’m in the mood for. This morning, that editor is BBEdit.

Maybe I can replace Algolia for search here soon: Pagefind looks like just the ticket. (via Pagefind is quite a find for site search | ::One hour later:: I’ve implemented Pagefind here. It’s on the new Search page.

I’m becoming serious about selling the M10-R. I’ve so far refused a few offers because they were too low. I am more likely to negotiate, now.

I’m going to the lakeshore today and decided to take only the Olympus Stylus Epic loaded with TMAX 100. It’s been acting flakey lately so this will be a good test.