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Sunday, July 24, 2022

·2 mins

Good morning. I just returned from my walk with Alice through quite the thunderstorm. Kind of exhilarating, but we’re soaked.

I’m sleepy, and it’s probably because I average less than six hours of sleep. Last night brought me four hours and fourteen minutes. I try going to bed early because Alice wakes up at around 4:00 am, but it feels silly to get in bed at 8:00 pm. Besides, I’m not done yet at 8:00, so it’s usually closer to 10:00. I wonder if this could explain my recent moroseness.

Using TextExpander is starting to make me feel dirty for some reason. Maybe it’s because their goals don’t seem aligned with mine (see “Teams”). Also, while not inherently a bad thing, they recently took a bunch of investment money and that can make companies do things I don’t approve of.

You may notice that I’m back in Hugo for the blog. There are times when convenience (ie WordPress) wins. But, I dislike using WordPress and when that begins to wear on me, I crawl back to Hugo and Emacs with my tail between my legs. The following screenshot shows the way I prefer to work, so I’m back.

Mmmm, this is the way

I’m beginning to believe that keeping notes in tiny, single-thought “Zettelkastans” is not for me. When there are hundreds or thousands of small, separate notes, it requires software to tie things together. I’m inclined to use longer “topic journal” files for specific topics. And rather than linking to them in a “daily note”, I add log entries to the bottom of the files themselves. No backlinks required.