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Sunday, July 03, 2022

·1 min

Let’s face it, I prefer writing in Org-mode.

Thing is, I structure my system around tools that I’m interested in at the time. Since I’m always trying different tools, my systems change regularly and cannot be trusted 😀.

I’m thinking about how far in I should go with TheBrain. I’m convinced that, long-term, TheBrain is a good, possibly the best, solution for extended memory and notes. I can jump into any project, topic, or event and immediately see everything related to that “thought”. And this isn’t driven only via random linking. TheBrain’s “Plex” is created entirely from deliberate linking. It’s not a cool-but-nearly-useless explosion of linked notes (see Obsidian). But, it’s an app and not a nice, safe, comfortable folder full of plain text files.

Writing here feels like I’m standing on my porch quietly handing out pamphlets. This is better than social media which is more like me walking down the street yelling at everyone.

Someone said “He’s godless” in a conversation and I felt I had to remind them that everyone is godless. Some just pretend otherwise.

“Backlinks”? More like “DistractionLinks” amirite?

Look what I got today. My first fish! 👇